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Sustainability in the Vineyards

Vineyard under deep blue sky

From our wonderful stewards of the land in Mendocino, Sonoma, Napa, and Lodi, we partner with champions of sustainable farming and winemaking practices. From cover crops to hold soil and moisture in the land that these farmers cherish, all while feeding and nourishing a rich and diverse ecosystem underground. We and our growers are constantly supporting the communities of farmworkers and their families in their area with socially responsible working conditions, and supporting the schools in the area that honor their families and a safe working environment.

In addition, these stewards of the environment are preserving rich ecological biodiversity around their vineyards to ensure a resilient ecosystem beyond their vineyards. An example of this is the forests and woodlands that surround their vineyards. Our growers are mindful that their vineyards are not just agriculture, but that they are part of a greater social, and environmental benefit to all living things. We deeply honor the heritage of our California lands where the Coastal and Sierra Miwok Indigenous American people and the Wapo Indigenous American people for generations have lived and nurtured these lands upon which we live.

Tom Meadowcroft

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Tom Meadowcroft holding grapes

Workers picking grapes during harvest

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