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2020 Bent Press Malbec Agrelo Mendoza, Argentina

2020 Bent Press Malbec Agrelo Mendoza, Argentina

Our Story ....began with three Sonoma families coming together with sleeves rolled up and babies in carriers while harvesting to create our first wine at home. Three men were sent to complete one simple task. The task of picking up the wine press. Turning the corner on our way home, we watched wide-eyed as the press hurdled out of the truck and into the intersection of HWY 29 and 121. In our excitement, no one remembered to strap the press down. This memory, along with our wounded pride and the bent press never fails to bring us laughter. It also reminds us of the lengths we will go to to bring the finest wines California has to offer to our extended family and friends.
Supple and smooth on the palate, this exceptional wine features vibrant blueberry and raspberry fruit aromas framed by herbaceous secondary notes. Balanced and complex, the finish has bright acidity, making this a wonderful wine to pair with food. We hope you enjoy this Malbec made with organic grapes that are grown at 3500 feet above sea level and are irrigated with pristine waters from the snowmelt of the Andes Mountains.

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