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Rosé Wines

Indulge in the delightful Meadowcroft Rosé wines all year round for a refreshing and invigorating sensation. These aromatic wines are packed with flavor and make an exquisite pairing with a diverse range of culinary delights.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the flavor profile of rose wines?

Rose wines can vary widely in flavor. They can be dry, with a tangy or crisp strawberry flavor, as well as more subtle notes of watermelon, hibiscus, and citrus. Sweeter rosés often have a more pronounced taste of red fruits like cherry and raspberry. It’s important to note that sweetness levels can differ from one rose to another based on the region and the winemaking process.

Are rose wines sweet or dry?

Rose wines can be either sweet or dry, and the spectrum in between! The style of a rose depends on the type of grape, where it’s grown, and how it’s made. For a truly dry experience, look for “Brut” or “Sec” on the label. If you prefer a touch of sweetness, options include White Zinfandel or Rosé d’Anjou.

What are some of the most popular rose wine varietals?
  • Grenache/Garnacha Rosé: Originating in Spain, it offers a fresh strawberry and watermelon aroma.
  • Pinot Noir Rosé: Known for its red fruit aromas and sometimes a more substantial body than traditional rose wines.
  • Syrah/Shiraz Rosé: Offers a darker color and can have the attributes and body similar to red wine.
  • Mourvèdre/Monastrell Rosé: Often considered a more complex rose, with spicier notes than other varietals.
When should I drink a rose wine?

Rose wine is known for being versatile and is great for a variety of occasions. It’s perfect for a picnic or a summer barbecue, as well as an excellent pairing with light meals such as salads and seafood. It can also serve as a refreshing aperitif or sip by the pool.

What's special about rose wine?

Rose wine is special because it’s the result of a unique process that’s a mix of red and white wine making. The term “rose” comes from the French word for pink, and these wines can range from pale salmon to full-on ruby in color. They typically have the refreshing qualities of a white wine with some of the fruit flavors and a body akin to a light red, making them an ideal choice for those who are looking for a wine that’s more complex than white, but not as heavy as red.

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